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Start with the Top Sights in Belfort

If you're in Belfort to see the sights, you can't miss any of these.

The Lion of Bartholdi

⭐️ 4.5 (3608)

Belfort Citadel

⭐️ 4.6 (1289)

Square Émile Lechten

⭐️ 4.5 (289)

Square de la Roseraie

⭐️ 4.2 (233)

Tour 27

⭐️ 4.6 (178)


⭐️ 4.5 (39)

Fort de la Justice

⭐️ 4.1 (8)

Berges de La Savoureuse Belfort

⭐️ 4.5 (2)

Colonnes fontaine

⭐️ 5.0 (2)

The top affordable restaurants in Belfort

Discover a variety of budget-friendly dining options in Belfort city, offering delicious cuisine without breaking the bank.

Flam's Belfort

⭐️ 4.3 (1018)

Price Range: $$

Les Jardins d'Aladin

⭐️ 4.5 (745)

Price Range: $$

Les Abeilles

⭐️ 4.3 (724)

Price Range: $$

Restaurant Les Quais

⭐️ 4.2 (630)

Price Range: $$

Restaurant japonais Naka Naka à Belfort

⭐️ 4.6 (591)

Price Range: $$

Restaurant chez Xav et Domi

⭐️ 4.5 (575)

Price Range: $$

La Gazelle d'Or

⭐️ 4.6 (540)

Price Range: $$

Au Pied du Lion

⭐️ 4 (524)

Price Range: $$

Le Pendjab Indien

⭐️ 4.4 (515)

Price Range: $$

Nenni Ma Foi

⭐️ 4.6 (480)

Price Range: $$

Le Taj Mahal

⭐️ 4.3 (462)

Price Range: $$

End your night in some of the best bars in Belfort

Discover the most vibrant nightlife scenes in Belfort, curated exclusively for you.

Au Bureau Belfort

⭐️ 4 (1752)

Price Range: $$

Bistrot des Moines à Belfort

⭐️ 4.3 (963)

Price Range: $$

Restaurant Les Quais

⭐️ 4.2 (646)

Price Range: $$


⭐️ 4.4 (421)

Price Range: $$

Bar l'Abc

⭐️ 4.5 (337)

Price Range: $

La Voile Sucree

⭐️ 4.2 (304)

Price Range: $$

Bar du Palais

⭐️ 4.5 (282)

Price Range: $$

V and B Belfort

⭐️ 4.9 (259)


⭐️ 4.5 (255)

Lulu Cavagnac

⭐️ 4.5 (123)

Price Range: $$


⭐️ 4.2 (119)

Pick from the best places to stay in Belfort

If you're looking for some of the best hotels in Belfort you've come to the right place.

Très beau T2 42m2 lu...

#2 of 53 hotels in ...

Escale meublée

#1 of 53 hotels in ...

L'Orée du Parc à Bel...

#3 of 53 hotels in ...

Grand Appartement 2 ...

#4 of 53 hotels in ...

Hotel Restaurant Les...

#5 of 53 hotels in ...

Magnifique T2 40m2 l...

#6 of 53 hotels in ...


#7 of 53 hotels in ...

Grand Hôtel Du Tonne...

#8 of 53 hotels in ...

Mercure Belfort Centre

#9 of 53 hotels in ...

Le 33

#11 of 53 hotels in...

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Explore Belfort’s Lion of Belfort Monument: This spectacular monument, sculpted by Frederic Bartholdi, is a symbol of Belfort’s defiance towards the forces of Prussia in the Siege of Belfort in 187
  2. Visit the Belfort Citadel: A formidable fortress and military complex built by Vauban in the 17th century, the citadel offers historical insights on the city’s past.

Belfort is beautiful year-round, but the best time to visit is in the months of May to September. During these months the weather is mild and pleasant, providing the perfect atmosphere to enjoy the various attractions the city has to offer. In particular, the summer months bring a vibrant festival season, adding to the already vibrant culture of the city.

Exploring Belfort, France is an enriching experience. An ideal stay would be for three days, allowing for enough time to discover the historic town center, take in the vistas from atop the city's famous Lion of Belfort monument, and experience the lively nightlife in La Filature. Visitors can also experience the vibrant local markets and the city’s many delectable specialties.

Belfort is one of the most easily explored cities in France, you can go by bike, bus or just your own two feet! Buses run frequently to take you from one end of the city to the other and from the suburbs, and the city's bike network allows you to move around quickly and safely. For those looking for a slightly more leisurely pace, there are miles of well-marked and maintained footpaths that make for a pleasant stroll in one of France's prettiest cities.

Kids visiting Belfort can experience the local culture and stunning scenery with a visit to the Vauban Citadel, a 16th century fortification complete with a museum, beautiful landscape and guided tours. For a great day out in nature, head to Lac de Kruth Wildlife Park, where kids can admire an array of native species, including wolves, bison, red deer and chamois. Afterwards, be sure to check out the House of Glass, a unique castle-style home with six rooms of art glass, stained glass and mosaics.

We've actually curated a complete list of the best bars in Belfort. To start off we'd have to mention Coquetel-Bar, La Baraque Rock, Bar l'Abc. Check out our page on the best bars in Belfort.

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