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Start with the Top Sights in Bourges

If you're in Bourges to see the sights, you can't miss any of these.

Bourges Cathedral

⭐️ 4.7 (4904)

Palais Jacques Coeur

⭐️ 4.5 (2254)

Le Jardin de l'Archêveché

⭐️ 4.6 (1888)

Prés Fichaux Garden

⭐️ 4.4 (1673)

Tourist Office of Bourges

⭐️ 4.3 (279)

Hôtel des Échevins - Musée Estève

⭐️ 4.3 (118)

Hôtel Cujas - Musée du Berry

⭐️ 4.5 (38)

The top affordable restaurants in Bourges

Discover a variety of budget-friendly dining options in Bourges city, offering delicious cuisine without breaking the bank.

La Gargouille

⭐️ 4.2 (1388)

Price Range: $$

La Pasta

⭐️ 4.6 (1298)

Price Range: $$

La Mère Poule

⭐️ 4.2 (1067)

Price Range: $$

La Table de Bourges

⭐️ 4.3 (828)

Price Range: $

Les Petits Plats du Bourbon

⭐️ 4.3 (777)

Price Range: $$

Hong Phuc

⭐️ 4.7 (766)

Price Range: $


⭐️ 4.4 (647)

Price Range: $$

Le Caraqui

⭐️ 4.2 (625)

Price Range: $$

Restaurant Le Beauvoir

⭐️ 4.3 (564)

Price Range: $$


⭐️ 4.2 (464)

Price Range: $$

Le Bourbonnoux

⭐️ 4.5 (387)

Price Range: $$

End your night in some of the best bars in Bourges

Discover the most vibrant nightlife scenes in Bourges, curated exclusively for you.

LevЯette Café Bourges

⭐️ 4.3 (639)

O'Brian's Irish Pub

⭐️ 4.4 (613)

Price Range: $$

Le Murrayfield

⭐️ 4.2 (482)

Price Range: $$

Pub Jacobin

⭐️ 4.5 (476)

Price Range: $$

Pub Birdland -

⭐️ 4.3 (227)

Price Range: $$


⭐️ 4.6 (137)

Price Range: $

Black Goat

⭐️ 4.3 (121)

Price Range: $

Bar Le château d'eau

⭐️ 4.2 (91)

Bar Le Saint Bonnet

⭐️ 4.3 (90)

Price Range: $$

Le Central Bar Bourges

⭐️ 4 (83)

Price Range: $

La Cave Des Beaux Arts

⭐️ 4.3 (59)

Pick from the best places to stay in Bourges

If you're looking for some of the best hotels in Bourges you've come to the right place.

Best Western Plus Hô...

#1 of 21 hotels in ...

Logis - Le Christina

#2 of 21 hotels in ...

ibis Styles Bourges

#3 of 21 hotels in ...

Château De Lazenay -...

#5 of 21 hotels in ...

Logis Villa C Hôtel

#6 of 21 hotels in ...

The Originals Access...

#7 of 21 hotels in ...

Novotel Bourges

#8 of 21 hotels in ...

Ace Hotel Bourges

#9 of 21 hotels in ...

Hôtel Inn Design Res...

#10 of 21 hotels in...

Hotel De Bourbon Gra...

#4 of 21 hotels in ...

Looking for unforgettable fine-dining experiences in Bourges?

Hungry? We've got the best rated, the best of the best.

La Suite

⭐️ 4.6 (544)

Price Range: $$$

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Explore the Chartres Cathedral: This magnificent Gothic cathedral is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the pride of Bourges. It boasts a plethora of architectural and sculptural treasures from the 12-13th centuries.
  2. Visit the Musée du Berry: Located in the old episcopal palace, this museum celebrates the history of the Berry region from Roman to modern times. Its galleries showcase spiral staircases, a rare astronomical clock and a castle keep.
  3. Take a leisurely stroll along the Cher River: Following the path of the ancient city wall, people can admire stunning 15th century houses, the old bridge and statues of Joan of Arc and Henri IV.

The best time to visit Bourges is between May and August. During this period one can expect warm, sunny climates and extended daylight hours, allowing plenty of time to explore the city and its attractions. Moreover, this is the perfect occasion to enjoy traditional festivals, street performances, and other cultural events that take place in Bourges during this time.

Bourges is a great destination in France for those looking for a short break. With its abundant cultural attractions and wide range of restaurants and cafés, it's almost impossible to be bored here. With this in mind, we recommend a stay of 3-5 days to properly explore Bourges, including its many historical and cultural sites as well as its vibrant nightlife.

Bourges is a great city to explore, and there are many ways to get around. Public transportation is the most affordable option and includes the bus system and bike-share stations. Taxis are a more expensive but convenient way to get around. Finally, walking provides a great opportunity to explore the city and see its sights.

Bourges is a great destination for families. There is Segry Water Park, which offers entertaining swimming pools, water-slides and kiddies play areas. A great day out is going to the Bourges Zoo to discover fascinating creatures such as red pandas, lions and double-humped Bactrian camels. Lastly, the Biotropica Zooventure is an interactive adventure park, set in the theme of nature and wildlife.

We've actually curated a complete list of the best bars in Bourges. To start off we'd have to mention O'Brian's Irish Pub, Pub Jacobin, Bar Le château d'eau. Check out our page on the best bars in Bourges.

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