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Start with the Top Sights in Joué-lès-Tours

If you're in Joué-lès-Tours to see the sights, you can't miss any of these.


⭐️ ()

Cathédrale Saint-Gatien

⭐️ 4.6 (5403)

Vieux Tours

⭐️ 4.6 (2611)

Prébendes d'Oé Garden

⭐️ 4.5 (2417)


⭐️ 4.3 (1142)

Gadawi Park Sud

⭐️ 4.5 (981)

Abbaye de Saint-Julien

⭐️ 4.6 (576)

Museum of Natural History of Tours

⭐️ 4.2 (540)

The Originals Relais, Château de Beaulieu et Magnolia Spa

⭐️ 4.4 (468)

Les Océades - Joué-Lès-Tours

⭐️ 4.9 (381)

Escape Express

⭐️ 4.7 (334)

The top affordable restaurants in Joué-lès-Tours

Discover a variety of budget-friendly dining options in Joué-lès-Tours city, offering delicious cuisine without breaking the bank.


⭐️ 4 (1353)

Price Range: $$


⭐️ 4.5 (481)

Price Range: $

Planet Sushi

⭐️ 4.1 (387)

Price Range: $$

La Fleur de Sel

⭐️ 4.5 (261)

Price Range: $$

Gourmet Grill

⭐️ 4.5 (204)

Price Range: $

Mille Et Une Pizzas

⭐️ 4.5 (204)

Price Range: $

Le Chinon

⭐️ 4.5 (187)

Price Range: $

Tacos Plus

⭐️ 4.1 (172)

Price Range: $

Checkout these incredible local experiences in Joué-lès-Tours

These are curated, high quality experiences in Joué-lès-Tours hosted by locals!

Old-fashioned ride

From vine to wine, a complete wine experience

Full Wine Vine Tour

Let's discover Tours with a native!!

Apéro Tourangeau

Parlons en français dans le cœur de la France


End your night in some of the best bars in Joué-lès-Tours

Discover the most vibrant nightlife scenes in Joué-lès-Tours, curated exclusively for you.

Guinguette de Tours sur Loire

⭐️ 4.3 (4799)

Price Range: $$

Bar Le Corsaire

⭐️ 4.6 (1117)

Price Range: $$

The Pale

⭐️ 4.5 (1096)

Price Range: $$

Café Bar Jazz Le Strapontin

⭐️ 4.4 (831)

Price Range: $$

V and B Chambray-les-Tours

⭐️ 4.4 (586)

Price Range: $$

Bar la tête dans le fût

⭐️ 4.5 (565)

Price Range: $$

La Belle Époque

⭐️ 4.6 (469)

Price Range: $$

Bar Café Chaud

⭐️ 4.1 (374)

Price Range: $$

Hot Rod Café

⭐️ 4.1 (251)

Price Range: $$

pub puzzle

⭐️ 4.4 (247)

Price Range: $$

Bar the Hammock

⭐️ 4.4 (213)

Pick from the best places to stay in Joué-lès-Tours

If you're looking for some of the best hotels in Joué-lès-Tours you've come to the right place.

Les Granges de l'Épan

#1 of 15 hotels in ...

La Maucannière

#2 of 15 hotels in ...

Maison Le Franc Palais

#3 of 15 hotels in ...

Hôtel Chantepie

#4 of 15 hotels in ...

La Villa Pop

#5 of 15 hotels in ...

Check out these bookable attractions in Joué-lès-Tours

These are some of the best tours, museums, and activities in Joué-lès-Tours.

Château de Villandry & Gardens Ticket

Admission to the Château du Clos Lucé

Priority Admission to Château d'Azay-le-Rideau

45-minute Segway City Tour

Vineyard and Wine Tasting Tour in Vouvray

Retro Classic Sidecar Tour

Small-group Loire Valley Wine Tour

Tours Sidecar Motorcycle Tour

Full-day Castle and Wine-tasting Tour

Vintage Sidecar Tour at Night

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Visit the International Centre for Stained Glass: Home to over 260 stained glass windows from the 12th to the 21st century, the International Centre for Stained Glass in Joué-lès-Tours offers a unique opportunity to explore a vast collection of international renowned stained glass art.
  2. Visit the Royal Tower of Joué-les-Tours: Enjoy unique views of the Loire Valley and the Loire bridge from up high on the Royal Tower of Joué-les-Tours. Built in the 13th century by King Philip II, the tower was originally part of the castle of the counts of Blois.
  3. Explore the Archaelogical Park: Take a stroll through the archaeological site of Joué-les-Tours to explore the region's rich historical heritage. The site features many artifacts and ruins from the 4th century, including the remains of a pre-Roman village, a baths complex, the remnants of a 7th-century stone bridge, and more.

Joué-les-Tours is a great destination to experience in all seasons. However, the best time to visit is during the summer months of June, July and August for warmer temperatures, a wide variety of outdoor activities, and festivals like the Fêtes des Loges, a popular carnival in July. Autumn is also a great time to experience the changing landscape of Joué-les-Tours, with stunning colors unfolding as the leaves turn.

Joue-les-Tours is a beautiful city full of wonderful sights and attractions. An ideal amount of days for exploring the city would be two or three: two days to explore the town and its nearby attractions, and a third day to explore nearby countryside villages. One of the best things about the city is its fantastic food scene which can be fully enjoyed in three days.

Public transport is highly recommended for moving around Joue-les-Tours. You can make use of buses operated by Veolia Transport Centre-Val de Loire or bike with 'Velo+', the local bike-sharing service. If you prefer to travel fast, it is recommended to use the local train station, where frequent train services between Joue-les-Tours and neighbouring cities are available.

Joue-les-Tours offers a plethora of activities for kids and families. Visit the music museum to gain an insight into the exciting world of sound and music. Spend a day at the ornamental garden 13, on the banks of the River Indre and explore the stunning flower beds. Get an adrenaline boost at the Quai des Marques, an outdoor shopping complex with a wide variety of exciting activities.

We've actually curated a complete list of the best bars in Joué-lès-Tours. To start off we'd have to mention Bar la tête dans le fût, Le Chantepie, Bar Champion’S. Check out our page on the best bars in Joué-lès-Tours.

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