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⭐️4.7 (447)


LE PASSE TEMPS is one of the Top 15 luxury restaurants in Lyon.


⭐️4.7 (447)

Ranked 13/35 Select Restaurants in Lyon

Ranked 13 in our collection of 15 best luxury restaurants


52 Rue Tronchet, 69006 Lyon, France


Price Range: $$$

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Incredible food -... 4.8/5⭐️

"Incredible food - easily worth the visit. The chef has incorporated Asian flavors into each dish in ways that might seem surprising at first, but in every instance were delightful. The fish and meat courses were both cooked perfectly and plated elegantly - by far the best protein I’ve had in Lyon. Even so, dessert was the highlight of the night for me - two separate offerings (one fruity, one chocolate) that left me desperately wanting more. The staff also did an excellent job accommodating my limited French skills, explaining each dish and wine pairing in both French and English to ensure I understood (but also allowing me to improve my language skills!). I won’t go into too much detail to preserve the mystery of the full menu, but rest assured you’ll enjoy your time here be you a traveler or a local. My only complaint was the relatively high charge for water - two bottles of tap water to accompany the wine pairings was charged at 12€. It seemed like the staff was topping up everyone’s glass with their water of choice continuously - had I realized the bottles were individually kept for each table and charged separately, I might have passed on the second one."

Why does le... 4.8/5⭐️

"Why does le Passe temps not have two stars? Our lunch with seven courses plus the foie gras to share was highly memorable. Unusual pairings inspired by Asia, yet the chef stays in the Western palate, resulting in deeply satisfying balanced dishes. Glad he avoids the show effects so common in restaurants trying too hard to impress. Service impeccable"

Great lunch. Was... 4.5/5⭐️

"Great lunch. Was in a bit of a rush so just went for the 3 course with a 2 wine pairing. Definitely value for lunch."

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