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⭐️4.7 (479)


PRaiRiaL is one of the Top 15 luxury restaurants in Lyon.


⭐️4.7 (479)

Ranked 11/35 Select Restaurants in Lyon

Ranked 11 in our collection of 15 best luxury restaurants


11 Rue Chavanne, 69001 Lyon, France


Price Range: $$$

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PRaiRiaL Reviews

Very good restaurant.... 4.4/5⭐️

"Very good restaurant. Let's start with the good feedback: Very good cuisine. Each plate was balanced in flavour. I would have appreciated more of they were more stylish. Service. Very nice and friendly. Not formal. Wine selection for me was the highlight of the dinner. Each glass was pure heaven. Ambience. I did not like the ambience and the decorations at all. It should be retouched. Overall, I highly recommend this place."

Absolutely amazing food,... 4.5/5⭐️

"Absolutely amazing food, I loved PRaiRiaL and will revisit. Each dish was packed with flavour and delicious. Two very small things for me - the bread wasn’t always super fresh and a lot of dishes have a creamy-ish sauce which can become overwhelming. They served the perfect amount of food though and I didn’t leave feeling super stuffed. The inside of the restaurant may not look/feel like a Michelin star restaurant due to the size, but they make up for it with their service and food."

Another highlight culinary... 4.8/5⭐️

"Another highlight culinary experience in Lyon. Creative cuisine with well balanced sauces complimenting the main ingredients. The arctic char and venison dish that followed were just amazingly executed. Excellent service from the staff too. Compliments to the chefs and the team."

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