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⭐️4.2 (666)


L'Aubrac is one of the Top 15 affordable restaurants in Toulouse.


⭐️4.2 (666)

Ranked 12/32 Select Restaurants in Toulouse

Ranked 12 in our collection of 20 best affordable restaurants


7 Bis Rue de la Colombette, 31000 Toulouse, France


Price Range: $$

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L'Aubrac Reviews

Nice restaurant with... 4.7/5⭐️

"Nice restaurant with excellent meats starting with the appetizers of pâté, jambon and saussison. My grilled magret de canard was excellent as was my wife's hearts and breast of duck skewers. Restaurant is great for meat lovers!"

If you are... 4.1/5⭐️

"If you are hungry get the 26 euro formula - The charcuterie can be refilled if you want. The starting price is not cheap but overall its a value deal cause theres a lot to eat"

There are restaurants... 4.6/5⭐️

"There are restaurants that make you smile, and restaurants that become your happy place. L’Aubrac is one of the latter. You order the set menu, and it essentially includes three servings of starters, one main and one serving of dessert. First come the salamis, and a pate de foie gras. Then dried ham, and a pate of pork. Be careful of these first entrees, because you will foolishly, like a man on a mission, fill up on these delicacies. After the onslaught of meaty entrees the real foie gras is served with peppery apricots, followed by a massive main dish grilled on an open wood fire by a man who looks like he has been grilling meats since the 60s. Then they haul out the dessert for the most adventurous ones. The possibility of a heart attack is real in this decadent facility, but where i to die from overdosing on fatty duck liver and a perfectly cooked entrecote, i would die happy right here."

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