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⭐️4.7 (1253)

Restaurant Michel Sarran

Restaurant Michel Sarran is one of the Top 5 luxury restaurants in Toulouse.


⭐️4.7 (1253)

Ranked 3/32 Select Restaurants in Toulouse

Ranked 3 in our collection of 12 best luxury restaurants


21 Bd Armand Duportal, 31000 Toulouse, France


Price Range: $$$$

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Restaurant Michel Sarran Reviews

Disclaimer: the 4... 4.1/5⭐️

"Disclaimer: the 4 stars are related to the expectations we have from a Star restaurant and do not have an absolute value. The food, the wine and the service are great. Compared to other restaurants of the same category we missed something. The menu is definitely creative and interesting, but next to some absolutely outstanding courses we also got a couple of dissonant notes in particular regarding the dessert. The wine advices from the sommelier for each plate were absolutely outstanding ( worth 5 stars )."

Great lunch! was... 4.7/5⭐️

"Great lunch! was Highlight was the dessert and petit four. Had the duck for main course, it was tender and not over seasoned. I was slightly thrown off by the spring rolls for appetizers, they tasted good, just not what I would've expected in the middle of toulouse. Overall delicious lunch, really enjoyed the wine pairing and great value!"

Very nice, it's... 4.8/5⭐️

"Very nice, it's like an explosion of flavors!"

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